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The World's Perfect Baby Brush




For the softest, most fun bath ever!

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our story

As new parents, we struggled with controling our daughter Mathilda's beautiful, crazy hair. All the baby brushes we tried simply didn’t work. So we created the "Mattie" baby brush. Unlike everything else we tried, it really worked. We tried it on all sorts of baby hair types and like magic hair that seemed to have a life of its own was now smooth and shiny.



A brush you can feel good about using not only because it works on your baby's hair but also because it has been used by medical professionals in hospital neonatal units and as a sensory brush, is non-toxic, free of sharp edges, extremely soft, dishwasher safe (top rack) and it's made of Polypropylene, an inert plastic. That means it's landfill safe and recyclable.



Super fun. Made from 100% Silicone, a material that is naturally mold, odor, and mildew resistant. Squigee comes in lots of cute shapes and colors. Squigee is so soft and sudsy it makes bathtime more fun.  It's a gentle and effective way to exfoliate and massage skin, leaving it soft and smooth (hint: adults love it too).  


Squigee conforms to the highest safety standards and only uses quality materials. They do not contain BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Lead, or Latex* by CPSC & ASTM standards. *CPSC & ASTM Standard, CAS # 80-05-7, 2016


In an effort to minimize waste and do our best to make a positive impact on the environment we are packaging-free and retail our products in re-fillable buckets. And all of our brushes can be recycled.


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